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Strobe Equipment

Pro D4 2400 D1 Air 1000
(4) Heads: Acute/D4, ProHead, Pro-B Head, Acute/D4 Ring Recycle Times: 0.09-2.8s
    -(2) @ 2400ws, (1) @ 1200ws, (1) @ 600ws Flash Duration: 1/3000-1/1400s
Recycle Times: 0.09-2.2s  
Flash Duration: 1/4500-1/600s D1 Air 500
  Recycle Times: 0.2-0.95s
Acute2 2400 Flash Duration: 1/2600-1/1000s
(3) Heads: Acute/D4  
    -(1) @ 2400ws, (2) @ 1200ws Acute/D4 Head
Recycle Times: 0.17-2.9s Up to 4800ws
Flash Duration: 1/1800-1/320s Model Lamp 250w
Acute2 1200 Acute2 Ringflash
(3) Heads: Acute/D4 Up to 2400ws
    -(1) @ 1200ws, (2) @ 600ws No Model Lamp
Recycle Times: 0.09-1.5s  
Flash Duration: 1/1800-1/320s Pro-B and Pro-7B Head
  Up to 1200ws
Pro-B4 1000 Air Model Lamp 100w
(2) Heads: Pro-B, ProHead  
Recycle Times: 0.03-0.99s ProHead
Flash Duration: 1/2000-1/25000 Up to 4800ws, Fan-Cooled
  Model Lamp 250w or 500w
Pro-B3 1200 Air  
(2) Heads: Pro-B Head, ProHead Pro-7B 1200
    -(1) @ 1200ws, (2) @ 600ws (2) Heads: Pro-B Head, ProHead
Recycle Times: 0.04-1.8s Recycle Times: 0.2-2s
Flash Duration: 1/7400-1/2200s Flash Duration: 1/1800-1/700s


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