DC-Camera March 2013


We just added the new Sony PMW F5 and F55 to our arsenal of cameras at DC-Camera.  These cameras have 2K/4K Raw capabilities with high speed frame rates   We had the opportunity to take the Sony PMW F55 out into the field and shoot some images and put together a review for where we believe these cameras fare in the industry.

Sony PMW F55 from DC-Camera on Vimeo.


Welcome to the DC-Camera Blog and our home page for all that is happening in the month of Nov.  Our Blog will function as a archive for you to search a vast knowledge base of gear reviews, tech info, new arrivals, etc… But, to easily see what we have going on for the month of Nov. all new info will live here on this homepage. Thanks for  renting with us.  Contact us with any questions Info@dc-camera.com


This Months Posts


The Canon “Cine” Primes have arrived.  We now have the 24 F1.5/50 F1.3/85 F1.3   These lenses are new to the market and have been anticipated by Canon shooters for months.  The “Cine” Primes are part of a release with the new Canon 4k C500 this year. Click to Continue 

Renting Equipment from DC-Camera

As simple as it sounds I think it is important to all of our customers to understand the best process for renting from us.  Even if you are a seasoned client here are some quick tips that will help the process. (Click to Continue…)

Get Your Forms In

We have been updating all of our client information this month so if you are new or one of our regular clients be sure to take the time to fill out and send in your forms so that we can update our system and continue renting all of our gear for your needs.

Gear Reviews
DC-Camera will also be working on gear reviews and an introduction film for the shop that will be posted this month, so stay tuned for new content and media.  We would also ask that you reply below or to info@dc-camera.com with any gear related questions or reviews that you would like to see with any of our in house products. 



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